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How to Access Download Section (1980 - 1996)

(Upgrading membership for registered users)

- You must be a registered user ( It is free now ). Then you can upgrade your membership as a Sponsor Member or an Uploader.

1. How can I be a Sponsor Member?
Answer: You have to donate at least 5 Euro to be a Sponsor Member. If you have already donated less than 5 Euro, it's valid for 1 year. If you have donated more 5-10 Euro, it's valid for 2 years. If you have donated more than 10 Euro you are life-time sponsor member.
You can easily donate for the forum by clicking the donation icon on the main login page. (Do not forget to register to get a username in our forums, add your username to notes in donation page or send us mail) and your membership will be upgraded in 24 hours.

2. If you don't want to donate, what can you do?
Answer: You can be an Uploader. You have to upload at least 30 albums which
haven't been posted in the forum yet, or the albums in the dead links section. The higher bitrate uploads are unacceptable.
To check unposted albums you can use T-Mag Search.
To check dead links click here:
Dead Links Section.

Archive the files. You can use WinRAR for this step.
- The Password must be
- Use one of these servers to upload and to share,other servers are forbidden:,
- Use :To shorten your upload links.
- Use the Upload Form to get validate upload account with Album name, Genre, Cover Art, Bitrate (at least 128 kbps) ,Date and Tracklist. To see how click here.
- Your links will be controlled for correction of the conditions above.

Your uploads will be added to your profile.

for questions: Contact Us