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Thrashmageddon Rulez:

A. Forum Rules:

Power Re-Uploader Member : has 30+ uploads OR 50 Re-Uploads and can see the main sections and make requests. Also can post albums by themselves in the New Releases section.

Regular Member : Cannot enter the main sections (pre-1996) until they reached uploader status. If you reach 30 Uploads OR 50 Re-Uploads OR a combination of both, then send your upload list to Bospo by pm to have your Profile updated.
Each upload means 1 point for you. When you re-upload 2 dead links you'll get 1 upload point as well. Send the re-uploaded links to an online moderator to get them registered in your profile.

1. The Password must be www.thrashmageddon.com

2. Only the Crew (Admins-Moderators) can post in these sections. If you want to share your uploads, you are welcome, so use upload bot. Your name will be thanked!;
-Speed-Thrash Metal (1980-1996)
-NWOBHM-Power-Heavy Metal (1980-1996)
-Death Metal (1980-1996)
-Hard Rock - AOR - Glam Metal (1970-1996)
-NWOBHM-Power-Heavy-Speed-Thrash-Death Metal Demos (1980-1996)
-NWOBHM-Power-Heavy-Speed-Thrash-Death Metal Bootlegs (1980-1996)

3. Use Only English to have a healthy communication.

4. Only uploader Members can post albums in New Releases Section, but pay attention on the date, the date must be after 1996, before 2011.
Non-Uploader Members have to send their uploads to upload bot or a moderator for a preview.

5. Use these server to upload and to share, other servers are forbidden:

6. Your signature area must be max. 150px (height), 500px (width), and racist, religious and ideological symbols and logos, advertisement banners are forbidden to use in avatar or signature.

7. Do Not post 2012 albums untill 1st of January 2014. Only the band's members' releases can be posted by its authorization.

8. Multiple accounts are strictly forbidden. If you have one, ask a mod for its deletion.

9. If you insist on violating these rules, you will get banned without warning.

B. Request Section Rules:

1. You have to be an Uploader.

2. Search Before Request.

3. Make a request with a clear post: Band - Album Name (Year)

4. Only 5 requests at the time are allowed.

5. Make your request in the right section.

6. Don't give any link to reply or complete the request below the post. If the request is in (1980-1996) period and you want to help, you're welcome, fill the upload bot with Genre, Cover Art, Bitrate (at least 128 kbps), Date and Tracklist. Your name will be thanked! If it's after 1996, post the requested album on the right section of the new releases and send the link of the page.

7. If you insist on violating these rules,you will get banned without warning.

Thrashmageddon Crew
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